Whats Healthy At Mexican Restaurant


Whats Healthy At Mexican Restaurant. While Mexican restaurants are fast, cheap and tasty and an easy answer when asked, “What's for dinner?,” they can really derail your healthy eating goals if you don't plan ahead. There are many Mexican dishes that feature leaner meat options such as fish or chicken.

Whats Healthy At Mexican Restaurant
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Often, what makes Mexican food less healthy comes from the sauces and condiments slathered on top. Before you start planning out your Mexican fiesta, think forth to the inevitable burn in your chest and the Even corn in its raw, fresh form is a mildly acidic food, but processing it into the tortilla variety knocks it up a few notches on the what-not-to-eat chart. Both tortilla soup and posole are relatively low-calorie and incredibly rich in flavor.

One of the virtues of Mexican cuisine is that you can enjoy it without falling off the healthy-eating bandwagon.

Instead of passing on the fiesta next time, here's how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant.

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Tex-Mex food gets a bad rap thanks to high-calorie chips, entrees full of cheese, and high-calorie drinks. In fact, it is the third most popular menu type in the country, according to data from CHD Expert Group. Though the word salad may sound healthy, Mexican-inspired salads tend to be the opposite with handfuls of cheese and way too much sour.