17+ Hepatitis B Symptoms In Women Gif


17+ Hepatitis B Symptoms In Women Gif. Hepatitis b is a liver infection caused by the hepatitis b virus (hbv), which can be spread through certain activities that involve infectious blood or body fluids most people don't know they have hepatitis b because they often don't show symptoms and the infection usually goes away on its own. Pregnant women infected with hbv can pass the virus to their babies during childbirth.

17+ Hepatitis B Symptoms In Women Gif
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Hepatitis b is the most common form of hepatitis found worldwide, although it is uncommon in the u.k. Most people do not experience any symptoms when newly infected. Women suffering from both acute and chronic types of hepatitis b can display various degrees of the above symptoms.

They usually appear about one to four months after you've been infected, although you mother to child.

Symptoms are chronic fatigue, headache, mild fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and feeling sick to your stomach a woman infected with the hepatitis b virus can pass it to her baby during delivery; The virus spreads via blood, semen, saliva, broken skin around the mouth, genitals, or rectum. This may prevent infection from developing. Symptoms depend on whether patient have the acute or chronic form, and the cause and may • because chronic gn usually causes only very mild or subtle symptoms, it goes undetected for a long time in most patients.