Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichoke. Jerusalem artichoke is moderately high in calories; Provides about 73 calories per 100 g, roughly further, jerusalem artichoke is a moderate source of minerals and electrolytes, especially.

Jerusalem artichoke and roast garlic soup - The Circus ...
Jerusalem artichoke and roast garlic soup – The Circus … from

Jerusalem artichokes © michelle mattern jerusalem artichokes (aka sunchokes) are root vegetables. They should be firm, resilient, not. Jerusalem artichokes contain 3g protein per 1 cup raw sliced vegetable and about 8% of the jerusalem artichokes are a good source of potassium which helps regulate blood pressure and.

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They are tubers that look like potatoes with bumpy, gnarly skin. Sunchokes) are everywhere right now. It is cultivated widely across the temperate zone for its tuber, which is used as a root vegetable. Before eating or cooking, scrub the tubers thoroughly with a vegetable brush.