Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Height Comparison

Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Height Comparison. Comparison of lady alcina dimitrescu, one of the upcoming resident evil 8: Resident evil village's lady dimitrescu has bewitched the internet with her grand stature, and now her height is being compared to legendary pokémon.

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The internet has had an unquenchable thirst for the giant woman since the resi' 8 baddie was revealed as a show of early appreciation, resident evil village art director, tomonori takano, has given everyone a titbit of. In another section you're hunted by lady dimitrescu, the aforementioned lofty vampire. Resident evil village feels like capcom's greatest hits album.

She's tall even compared to most of the resident evil series' giant mutants.

The towering villainess became an internet sensation following her village's art director, tomonori takano, revealed one important detail about lady dimitrescu: I might be going for a big stretch, but i believe that lady dimitrescu and her daughters will be in the same vein as krauser. This means the tall vampire lady stands at 2.9 meters. I still can't get over how hilariously faceless ethan is in comparison to every other re protag out there.