Bobcat Vs Lynx

Bobcat Vs Lynx. Lynx inhabits forested areas on high altitudes, while bobcat resides in swamps, deserts, scrublands, mountains and various types of forests. The most obvious difference between a lynx vs bobcat is its size.

Bobcat Vs Lynx
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Any cat in the lynx genus is technically a lynx, but all species except the bobcat also include lynx in their common name. The following story happened during one of our road trips across the us and canada. Bobcats look very identical to canadian lynx, but bobcats are smaller in size and have smaller paws.

You can compare lynx vs bobcat fight.

Like other animals of its genus. This is a little different than my normal skiing videos. A bobcat being lynx rufus, a lynx being one of three species: Lynx vs bobcat the world of taxonomy can be tricky place.

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