Supa Strikas Super League All Teams

Supa Strikas Super League All Teams. They are the meanest and the most dishonest team in the super league. The super league is the world's top league.

Supa Strikas Super League All Teams
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With dreams of becoming super league champions, a talented striker named shakes and his football team take on rivals while going on global adventures. However, many supastrikas' fans would love to. What if supa strikas, and the other teams, had their wives and their children?

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Despite their enormous talent, the players must adapt in a game where being the best is only the beginning, and where the opposition is always full of surprises. They now face a team of the super league's best players. The supa strikas continue to play to their strengths as they compete against more formidable opponents and set out on daring missions. Big bo is falsely accused of stealing grimm fc's tactics book, the tactinomicon, and when he is cornered by super league agents he must think.