Cillian Murphy Batman

Cillian Murphy Batman. Soon it will be cillian murphy's birthday. Cillian murphy discusses 'inception' and 'batman 3?

Cillian Murphy Batman
Cillian Murphy – as Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow – Batman … from

1 biography 1.1 origin and early life 1.2 batman. Jonathan crane/the scarecrow in christopher nolan 's batman begins , the dark knight and the dark knight rises. Cillian murphy is about much shorter than his press people will tell you (5ft 6 maybe 5ft 7) and i read that cillian was actually nolan's first choice for batman.

Nolan was particularly taken with murphy's.

Versatile actor cillian murphy is known for his roles in 'batman begins,' '28 days later tribute to john denver and cillian murphy in batman begins (2005). Jonathan crane in christopher nolan's batman begins (2005). I'll be turning 40, the irish actor says. Batman begins debuted in theaters fifteen years ago, and the most underrated aspect is cillian murphy's 'batman begins':